Sick of Stumps in Your Yard?

Turn to us for stump grinding services in the Pace & Milton, FL area

Ugly stumps can ruin the look of any landscape. If you've got a stump you want gone, look no further than Grund Stump Grinding, LLC. We provide commercial and residential stump grinding services in Pace & Milton, FL.

Our contractor has all the equipment required to grind stumps down three to five inches below the grading of your yard. As part of our stump grinding services, we'll fill the hole with dirt and woodchips and smooth it over at no extra cost.

Schedule a commercial or residential stump grinding appointment with us today.

Why get rid of your stumps?

Stumps are more than just an eyesore. These pesky obstacles can also:

  • Become a home for bugs and other pests
  • Get in the way of outdoor projects and maintenance
  • Present a major tripping hazard

Avoid these issues by scheduling stump grinding services.